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Bed and Breakfast in Denmark

There are Bed and Breakfast all over Denmark - just look at the many markers on the map. To find a Bed & Breakfast or a private accommodation, you can either use the map or the search function. Or you can let yourself inspire by the list of Bed and Breakfast below, or select an area from the list at your right.

To book a Bed and Breakfast please take contact to the host directly. You'll find the contact information at the top of each ad.

Bed and Breakfast is an accommodation option which - in principle - gives you a bed to sleep in and a breakfast. The concept of Bed and Breakfast, however, is often used in a broader understanding, and serves today as a generic term for accommodations, from small private rooms to large apartments or entire buildings. Breakfast is often either included or can be purchased on site, or there'll be a small kitchen, where you can cook your own breakfast.


Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Nyborg / Kerteminde
Kertemindevej 135, Bovense, 5800 Nyborg
'Enghavegård': Lovely beaches. Many terrace. Barbecue and bonfire. Krolf- and pétanque lane.
Info, Bed and Breakfast, Nyborg / Kerteminde

Bed and Breakfast
Ingolfs Allé 21, 2300 København S
Bed and Breakfast, small family-based close to Copenhagen airport, Tivoli and city centre.
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Bed and Breakfast
Søstrædet 28, 4180 Sorø
Info, Bed and Breakfast,

Bed and Breakfast
Bregnedalsvej 22, 5700 Svendborg
Info, Bed and Breakfast,

Bed and Breakfast areas

We have divided Denmark into 29 Bed and Breakfast areas, and on the list below, you can see which cities belongs to each area. On the page for each area, you will see both a map of Bed and Breakfast in the area, and a list of Bed and Breakfast places in that area.

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